Some people have no idea how much easier waxing is than shaving and how much longer it lasts! I know that some women just find it annoying to shave every other day but with waxing you can go maybe 4 or 5 WEEKS without needing to shave or get re-waxed!! All you have to do prior to getting wax is not shave for 10-12 days to really get a close wax; it is easier than you think.

Shaving only take the hair off of the surface so the root of the hair is still there and can grow back faster and thicker, it can make the hair in between shaves more noticeable because the root does stay and it can have 2 or 3 hairs coming from one follicle, which causes that stubble rough feeling. Whereas waxing pulls the root out and make the growing process slow down or even stop and over time will also make your hair less coarse and will get less and less visible, which is after all what we all want!

Clarice offers waxing with discretion and attention to detail.

Before you schedule a wax, we recommend that you do not shave for 10-14 days and that you avoid using body lotion on the day of your appointment.

  • Brows $16

  • Lips $13

  • Bikini $35

  • Back $43

  • Arm $33

  • Underarm $23

  • Lower Leg $35

  • Full Leg with Bikini $80

  • Upper Leg with Bikini $50

  • Chin $16

  • Cheeks $18